Everybody seems to be talking about CBD, for like a year—it's the fad that keeps getting bigger. But here at Chill we know that the power of hemp-derived CBD isn't a fad—it's a wellness powerhouse. And as more research mounts, we're here to tell you why we're so amped about it.

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1. Ongoing health research shows more and more that inflammation is the enemy—and

 Read that sentence again, and then one more time.  The




  And serotonin,

 You may even feel good enough to start working out again. Enter: our bff, hemp. CBD can actually help you with your gains by mitigating pain during your workout and reducing recovery time after. Taking CBD before your workout session can help you stay focused and keeps inflammation at bay, reducing injuries and enabling you to push your limits. And incorporating CBD after your workout can relax sore, tired muscles, and helps you get a better night’s sleep. TLDR: your body will heal and recover faster, helping you keep going to crush those gym goals.

5. Hello, skin.

You didn't think we were going to leave that out, did you? Remember when we talked about the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD? Anti-inflammation is arguably CBD's biggest flex. When that comes to our skin, that means CBD can

Some days, you wake up on time, the sun is shining, everyone smiles at you on your way into work, and your boss even thanks you for a job well done. Other days, you stumble out of bed ten minutes late, it’s cloudy, you can barely drag a brush through your hair before it is time to run out the door, traffic is terrible, and your boss calls you Jen when your name is Jordan. Ugh.

Guess what that stress causes? You guessed it—widespread inflammation. Well well well, CBD can't send emails, but it can help with the inflammation. CBD can help you keep your cool when everything seems to be going wrong, and that mental clarity and quiet will give you the space and energy you need to use your coping skills.

7. Let's recap.


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