Our Story

We here at Chill believe that the power of CBD should be accessible to everyone—and not just a Boys' Club. Chill Body is powered by women, and we're a real brand for real people.

We started Chill Body because we found relief in cbd ourselves.

But when we went online in search of the best quality CBD from people we could trust, we found ourselves lost. Twenty open tabs later, we'd had enough. So we decided to make it our mission to build a company we could all trust—using the most natural, cruelty-free, and high-quality CBD out there.

We're Chill Body. And it's so nice to meet you.
Come join us and get ready to nurture an even more awesome side of your self. We're so glad you're here.



We only use real-deal, all-natural ingredients, because we believe that's the way it should be.


We think wellness should be nice. Everything we make is something we feel good about: no animal products, no animal testing.


The cannabis industry is a notorious Boys' Club. We're here to change that. Chill Body is here for everybody.


Our hemp is grown organically under Colorado sun. And we have each batch third-party lab-tested for potency & purity.

Say hEY
to our team

Meet Sloane and Julia! We are women on a mission to bring cannabis wellness out of the dark ages and into our medicine cabinets (or backpacks or totes or fanny packs).

What started with Sloane at her kitchen table in 2018 has turned into a community of womxn disrupting the wellness industry with honest, real-deal CBD products formulated to make feeling good easier and just plain better.

The cannabis industry has long been a Boys' Club. Well, boys, those days are over.

Meet Chill Body. We make no-high hemp products that are accessible to every body.

Team member


founder | designer | Product Dev | Whatever Happens

Sloane enjoys strong coffee, vegan donuts, and making gifs. Sloane's background lies in community-building operations, graphic design, and small business mentorship.

Sloane found CBD in her quest for natural wellness and healing. After being diagnosed at 17 with Ulcerative Colitis and struggling with it for years, she went vegan in 2014, and has found remission in a whole-foods plant-based diet.

Sloane uses CBD for her anxiety, as well as muscle tension in her jaw, neck, and shoulders. Her go-to is the Chill Body Extra Strength CBD Oil, as well as the Vegan Superfruit Gummies.

Team member


assistant | fulfillment manager | workplace morale

Julia, as denoted in her custom gif, loves dogs above all else—all shapes, sizes, and kinds. She also finds joy in baking thick AF vegan pizzas. Sloane enjoys eating these pizzas.

Fun fact: Julia has her Masters in Painting!

Julia uses CBD to tackle her chronic back pain. Her favorite is the Chill Body Super Strength CBD Oil. Ok ok, she also uses the Super Glow CBD Face Oil every night. It's too hard to pick just one.


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