About Chill

We here at Chill believe that the power of CBD should be accessible to everyone—and not just a boys' club. Chill is powered by women, and we're a real brand for real people.



We started Chill Body because we found relief in CBD ourselves. But when we went online in search of the best quality CBD from people we could trust, we found ourselves lost. Twenty open tabs later, we'd had enough. So we decided to make it our mission to build a company we could all trust—using the most natural, cruelty-free, and high-quality CBD out there. We're Chill. And it's so nice to meet you.

Good & natural.

We're here to break the stigma around CBD, to educate people about its amazing and diverse benefits, and to bring high quality, cruelty-free products to the table in an accessible community that's welcoming to *everyone.*

We partner with other women in the business to bring you the best hemp that there is. We do everything right here in the US—all of our hemp is grown in nutrient-rich soil right here in the United States. We say no to pesticides and weird filler ingredients, and we only put CO2-extracted full and broad spectrum CBD into our products that's loaded with rich and beneficial phytocannabinoids (that's the good stuff).


We're here because we want to be. We're here because we need to be. Hemp is so powerful and packed with insane potential, but in such an under-regulated industry, trust is more important now than ever. What fuels our fire is genuine connection. A verve for cannabis. Every product we make and sell is something we’ve tried, loved, and that we stand by every damn day. 


Above all, we care about what we're putting in our bodies—and yours. We third-party test all our products, and all of our batch results are public to our customers.

Come join us and get ready to nurture an even more awesome side of your *self.* We're so glad you're here.