Extra Strength Deeeep Sleeep Oil



Meet our super-duper-not-messing-around Extra Strength CBD Oil. This is our highest strength—the game-changer when it comes to restful sleep and chronic intense pain. DEEP SLEEP packs 45mg of CBD per dropper—3 times the amount in our Original Strength—for when you really need to get a good night's rest, or kick your worst migraine yet. That I-have-stuff-to-do-and-there-is-no-room-for-error-here moment: this is it.

We recommend our Extra Strength for insomnia, debilitating migraines, and your worst pain. If you have trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep, meet your new all natural BFF.

How to Use

Fill the 1mL dropper your desired amount and squeeze the oil under your tongue. Let it chill for 60 seconds before swallowing. Wondering about dosing? We send out a CBD Dosing Guide with every order.

*Adjust your dose as needed! Every body is different, and so is every body's sweet spot. Find the perfect daily dose for you and your ideal benefits.

CBD Dosage

Full Size (30mL):
45mg CBD per dropper
1350mg CBD per bottle

Mini (15mL):
45mg CBD per dropper
675mg CBD per bottle


Organic Olive Oil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.*

*Why Broad and not Full Spectrum? We just prefer no THC (unless we want it). Broad Spectrum = whole-plant CBD with no THC: no high, no possibility of a positive drug test, no problem.

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